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impersonation, LDAP, IIS6 and my brain full of knots

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Hi all,

somehow I'm going nuts with this authentications inside IIS6, but from
the beginning:

We have a W2k3 Server running IIS6 with an application running as
NetworkService. The Authenticationmode on this Web is integrated
Up to now, everything worked fine, but we want to add a new function,
which is getting me into problems.
The function should be to get informations via SamAccountName by
querying LDAP.
My first start was to get it done by a serverscript.
That failt, because of the NetworkService Account.
So, we created a domainAccount, which we put into the IIS_WP group and
set the application to run with this.
Now the WEB doesn't authenticate anymore. You are prombted for the
authentication and if You lookup the Sec Eventlog You see, that the
server tries to Authenticate with an empty username and domain. Just
the source Workstation is filled with the IP of the Client trying to
connect to the Application.
After struggling around with some different local policies, I quit.
The next Idea was to set up a clientscript, which is started by a
Button. The page loads, the user enters the SamAccountName in a field,
hits a button and a VBScript-Function is started to query. but now we
are running into an ActiveX Error, failt to GetObject.

Now to my question.
How can I get this running?
Just to explain the function I want again:
I have a field (NETID) and want to get the rest of the Informations
from the AD. Best would be to runn this on the WebServer, which is
Member of the AD.

Thanks in advance for Your Help.
If You need any additional Informatons, don't hesitate to ask.


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