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If User connected to IIS

Kristofer Gafvert [MVP]
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I have no idea about _your_ IE, since i don't sit in front of your
computer. I also don't know about the majority of anonymous (i assume that
is what you mean with "anonimous") users, since i have no idea what client
browser the majority of anonymous users use (which is also probably
dependent on the focus of the website).

IE in general has however had HTTP Keep-Alive enabled by default since 5.0
(perhaps even in earlier versions but i have no interest in looking for KB
Articles about this).

Did you read the URLs i gave you? The question you asked is explained
there. In general when HTTP 1.1 is used, HTTP keep-alives is used. But
both the client and/or the server may choose (which is explained in the
HTTP RFC, the link i gave you in the earlier post) to negotiate.

Why do you don't think that the majority of anonymous users do _not_
utilize HTTP keep-alive? What do you base this on?

Why do you want to know this in your ASP code? It has no meaning at all
for ASP code.

Kristofer Gafvert (IIS MVP) - IIS Related Info

Evertjan. wrote:

>Kristofer Gafvert [MVP] wrote on 07 okt 2005 in
>>With HTTP Keep-Alives it is a connection until it times out (or closes
>>for another reason). Hence someone reading a page (but not actively
>>downloading anything) could be "connected".
>>So i am not making up my own definition of "connection". The client
>>has an inactive connection to the webserver if http keep-alives is
>>enabled and used, and the "Current Connections" performance counter
>>object shows this. If you do a netstat -an on the webserver you will
>>see that there is an established connection between the webserver and
>>client, which also indicates that there is a connection.

>"if http keep-alives is enabled and used"
>Is this done by my IE, or the majority of anonimous(!!!) users??
>I don't think so, but if so, how can I see that with ASP?

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Kristofer Gafvert [MVP] wrote on 07 okt 2005 in

> Why do you want to know this in your ASP code? It has no meaning at all
> for ASP code.

OK, then it is OT as far as
microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general is concerned.

The Netherlands.
(Replace all crosses with dots in my emailaddress)

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