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Index Server 2.0 wildcard query
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I am passing along an Index Server 2.0 query though URL strings calling
the ASP. I am searching for records by a person's last name and their
phone number. Something like:


Here is the chunk of code that processes the query request:

ciRestriction = Request.QueryString("ciRestriction")
Set oQuery = Server.CreateObject("IXSSO.Query")
oQuery.Catalog = "search_catalog"
oQuery.Columns="filename,directory,size,characteri zation,rank,vpath,hitcount,path,DocTitle,write"
oQuery.Query = "@all " & ciRestriction & ""

The problem is that the query string must be an exact match and I can't
get it to process wildcards. For example if the ciRestriction query
string is looking for someone's last name and the last 4 digits of
their phone number. Something like "name" and "*1212" or "name" and
"???-1212" Neither of these query strings match anything.

I read somewhere about using a Dialect=1 property to facilitate
wildcards. But this returned an ASP error code, so this property must
be for a higher revision of Index Server than my 2.0 version.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish what I am looking to do?

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Bob Barrows [MVP]
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      09-11-2005 Removed) wrote:
> I am passing along an Index Server 2.0 query though URL strings

> Any ideas on how I can accomplish what I am looking to do?

Nope. Do any of these links help?

Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET
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