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asp vbscript Permission how?

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I'd consider myself a newbie to ASP using VBSCRIPT with WMI, but I've been
using Scriptomatic and learning lots.
I have an ASP page with over 1K of code retrieving many objects from user
defined remote computer: CDROM, CPU, Chassis, Products, RAM, Shares and more.
Q1. Why do some computers return nothing while others return results? No
rhyme nor reason to this. Some Win3k return nothing for certain objects and
other Win3k return a result set.

Q2. Why can't anyone else run this page? My XP IIS has the following
authentication: Integrated, Digest, Basic. When anybody else, even somebody
with the same access as myself, access the ASP page and they are
authenticated against the domain, they can't get the objects listed above.

I will be gratefull for any help in this matter
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