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Dynamic ASP form - prevent user choosing default
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I have an ASP form which only includes an option list. The list is
dynamically created but includes a default value, which is an
instruction "Select a group".

The code is shown at bottom.

I want to ensure the user does not submit the form with the default
value selected.

I think something like the javscript handler available at: might be what I need.

(script extract)

function checkvalue() {
if (triviaform.TriviaAnswer.optio*ns[0].selected) {
alert('You must enter your response.');

However this script works for a static form with pre numbered options
ie option 0 is the default option.

How do I modify this script (or get another one) which will prevent my
default value being selected?

Thanks ColinK


<form action="LeaderSelect2.asp" method="get">
<select name="GroupName">
<option>Select a Group</option>
' Continue until we get to the end of the recordset.
Do While Not rsGroupP.EOF
' For each record we create a option tag and set it's value to
the GroupID
<option value="<%= rsGroupP.Fields("GroupName") %>"><%=

rsGroupP.Fields("GroupName") %></option>
' Get next record

End If
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Add a Leader to this

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Curt_C [MVP]
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      08-08-2005 Removed) wrote:
> Hi
> I have an ASP form which only includes an option list. The list is
> dynamically created but includes a default value, which is an
> instruction "Select a group".

Give the "select a group" item a specific value (or no value) and check
for that when they click the button.

Curt Christianson
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And validation can be done clientside with JavaScript:

Javascript Field Validations -- Client Side Scripting by Nannette
Thacker - 8/19/1999

Form Validation Using Javascript - 9/19/1998
Good tips such as saving JavaScript functions in a file called
DataValidation.js and including this in pages that need this.
JavaScript functions.

WebDaily: Your daily source for Web Technology Tips and Tricks! -
Just checks if fields filled in.

Or server-side with ASP (my favorite):

Server-Side Form Validation by Dianna Leech - 12/1/1999

An Email Validation Routine by Joćo Vieira - 4/11/1999
Somewhat shorter.

An Email Validation Script by Ben Durbin - 5/19/1999

Form Handler: Some light form validation and error notification.
Uses function to loop thru all fields in a form.

Best regards,
J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance ASP Web Developer
ASP Design Tips, ASP Web Database Demo, Free ASP Bar Chart Tool...

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