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Do we need to have a database class for a website that always access to db ?

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I am currently creating a website that will access to db a lot, currently I
am using MS Access as the database.
will there be any benefits to use a database class ? if yes, where can I
find a database class sample that suit to use with MS Access ?


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Natty Gur
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It will be good to separate between application layers. If your
application will be build from pages, Business logic classes and Data
Access Layer classes it will be much easier to maintain it over time.
Imagine that you change DB and need to go through all paged to look for
selects and change them. Wouldn't it be easier if all DB code dealing
with certain entity exist in one class and data return as Value Objects?
This way you just need to fix one place, without influencing other
system components ...

Natty Gur[MVP]

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