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ASP & COM design question

Tim Baur
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Hi guys. I'm new to ASP, but not Visual Basic. I recently find myself
with a project that will involve a SQL Server / COM back end with an ASP
front end. The system handles help desk type requests from external users.

At the core of my DB schema is a request table. This entity has one or
more assignment records and each assignment record has one or more
assignment log records. The log tracks assignment actions such as hold,
release, open, close, etc.

In VB, I would normally create Request, Assignment, and AssignmentLog for
the data. I would also create two custom collections for Assignments and
AssignmentLogs. Given any Request ID, I could populate everything else
with encapsulated queries and recordsets. The request object could
implement properties to give the currently assigned helper, open state,
elapsed time, etc.

My question to you is; how to I implement this model for the Web? As I
understand it, web objects are stateless. If my request object can't
persist its data in memory, then does it have to fire a query every time
the caller wants a property value? Will I always have to pass the
RequestID in as a parameter?

Or, am I just misunderstanding how this works?
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Tim Baur
Posts: n/a
"Curt_C [MVP]" <> wrote in
news:#(E-Mail Removed):

> Nope.. you got it right.
> Its a hassle... You can store the base in the Session but its only
> going to save you a little bit of energy.
> I'd suggest moving to ASP.NET possibly, you can do much more at that
> level with whatyou are describing

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