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Out of Memory error using a WSC component in ASP page on IIS 5 on W2k Citrix server

Tom Loder
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Can anybody shed any light on this issue ??? Or even ways of temporaily
getting around it ???

FISH is an ASP application which uses a WSC object called "finapps.fishapp"
to handle the requests to the database. The WSC is created in the GLOBAL.ASA
as a Session object using the following line:

<OBJECT RUNAT=Server SCOPE=Session ID=fish
ClassID="{32f74dc1-40f8-4db3-98a7-000200040013}"> </OBJECT>

The finapps.fishapp object creates an "ADODB.Connection" object that is held
open while the session is running, and the Session_OnEnd event should call a
method of that object that closes the connections

The website falls over only when there has been a period of inactivity
greater than the length of the session timeout, and also after there has
been a significant amount of traffic prior to this!

The problem we have only occurs for one of our clients, but occurs seemingly
randomly on all 4 of their servers. The returned results of the error are as
Active Server Pages error '8002802b'

Create object failed

An error occurred while creating object 'fish'.
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0007'

Out of memory: 'fish'
//global.asa, line 36

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