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IFRAME and form variables

John Wood
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I have an ASP script in which I want to control the screen as two frames
If I use a FRAMESET this works fine but the frame geometry is fixed

the script uses POST and hidden fields to transfer the data from step to
step, what I would like is to be able to change the sizes of the frames
or even go from two frames to one and back to two as I go through the
dialogue. So I thought to use IFRAMES instead of a frameset, but now I
have two ASP scripts, one for the IFRAMEs and one for the code to run in
the iframe pages. The form fields are passed and seen by the top iframe
ASP but no longer by the lower code.

I hope that is clear enough
How can I get the form variables in to the lower script?
If not possible, am I better to use a database or server side session
variable to hold the data between steps?

sets one or two iframes with width
one frame runs CODE_B

runs the user dialogue and uses FROM and POST with hidden variables
the FORMs run CODE_A to get to the next step since I want to reset the
frame widths, but I have lost access to the form variables

all help welcome
John Wood
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