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How do you send outlook appointment email?

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Could someone tell me how to send outlook appointment email from asp
I would like appointment email just like one outlook can send out.
I tried to look for an answer for this, but it seems exchange server
has to be installed on web server if I want to use the following
Is there way to send outlook appointment email without using
outlook.Application object?
If not, how can I make the code below work since we have separate mail
If I'm misunderstanding how things work, please clarify my
understanding too.
Thank you for your help!

Sub SendMeetingRequest()

Dim objOL 'As Outlook.Application
Dim objAppt 'As Outlook.AppointmentItem
olAppointmentItem = 1
olMeeting = 1

Set objOL = Server.CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objAppt = objOL.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)

objAppt.Subject = "My Test Appointment"
objAppt.Start = #7/18/03 1:30:00 PM#
objAppt.End = #7/18/03 2:30:00 PM#
objAppt.Location = "Test Environment"
' make it a meeting request
objAppt.MeetingStatus = olMeeting
objAppt.RequiredAttendees = "(E-Mail Removed)"

Set objAppt = Nothing
Set objOL = Nothing

End Sub
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