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Squashed Pictures In Print?

Dr Nancy's Sweetie
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I've got a report from someone using 1.4, but it doesn't look on my
screen the way he describes it looking on his. (We're some distance
apart.) The page:

The page is a coin auction, and shows the front and back of a coin as
large pictures.

When he prints (Windows), the top picture (which would be broken across
the page break if left alone) gets squashed into the bottom of the first
page, being a wide flat oval instead of a circle. When I print (BSD), I
get that, but then I get both sides of the coin on the next page looking
more-or-less correct. His print preview looks like mine, but it prints
differently than the preview. My print preview looks exactly like my

Is this likely to be a printing problem or a Mozilla problem?

Darren Provine ! Removed) !
"I use not only all the brains I have, but all those I can borrow as well."
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