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Tying Script Exectution Time to a Scrpt

Mike G
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Hi -

I support a web application that contains many ASP's. Periodically, the
DLLHOST.EXE running this app (we have it in High protection) will start
taking alot of time (consistently between 30 and 60% in Task Manager), and
the number of threads increases, and the memory in use goes up. I have
started looking at the performance monitor, and note under Active Server
Pages there is a counter "Request Execution Time". I notice that those
times go up when this happens. Is there a way I can tie a "Request Exection
Time" to a script name? Or is there a way to find if a particular script is

Right now, I have a counter log going that captures the following, every 15

\Active Server Pages\Errors/Sec

\Active Server Pages\Request Execution Time

\Active Server Pages\Request Wait Time

\Active Server Pages\Requests Disconnected

\Active Server Pages\Requests Executing

\Active Server Pages\Requests Failed Total

\Active Server Pages\Requests Not Found

\Active Server Pages\Requests Queued

\Active Server Pages\Requests Rejected

\Active Server Pages\Requests Timed Out

\Active Server Pages\Requests/Sec

\Active Server Pages\Script Engines Cached

\Active Server Pages\Session Duration

\Active Server Pages\Sessions Current

\Active Server Pages\Sessions Timed Out

\Active Server Pages\Sessions Total

\Active Server Pages\Templates Cached

\Active Server Pages\Transactions/Sec

\Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use

\Memory\Available Bytes

\Memory\Cache Bytes

\Memory\Commit Limit

\Memory\Committed Bytes

\Processor(_Total)\% Interrupt Time

\Processor(_Total)\% Privileged Time

\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time

\Processor(_Total)\% User Time

\Web Service(_Total)\Current Connections

Would the be anything else particularly of value capture?



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