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converting from ASPMail to ASPEmail

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Has anyone converted from ASPMail to ASPEmail...?

1) I get the following error. Can you offer some insight?

2) Is there an equivalent to this line: Mail.ContentType = "text/html" ...?

Persits.MailSender.4 error '800a0006'
501 Syntax error. Syntax:{RCPT TO:<address> [SIZE=msgSize]}
/email_to_sales.asp, line 225 (line 225 is: Mail.Send)
Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")
Mail.Host =""
Mail.From = "(E-Mail Removed)"
Mail.FromName = "Purchases Sales Department"
Mail.AddAddress "(E-Mail Removed)", "Purchases Sales Department"
Mail.AddBCC "Purchases Support", "(E-Mail Removed)"
Mail.AddReplyTo Email, FirstName & " " & LastName
Mail.Priority = 1
Mail.Subject = "Sold By: " & (rsGetCustInfo.Fields.Item("HostURL").Value)
'Mail.ContentType = "text/html"
HTML = HTML & "<html><head><title>Online Order</title></head>"
HTML = HTML & "the rest of my message...."
Mail.IsHTML = True
Mail.Body = HTML
Set Mail = Nothing

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Aaron [SQL Server MVP]
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> 1) I get the following error. Can you offer some insight?

Sure, every other property goes "email", "pretty name", except this one,
which you seem to have got backwards:

> Mail.AddBCC "Purchases Support", "(E-Mail Removed)"

> 2) Is there an equivalent to this line: Mail.ContentType = "text/html"


Mail.IsHTML = True

You might consider looking at the manual, then you don't have to wait for
someone else to look at the manual for you...

(Reverse address to reply.)

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