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How to using connection pool technlogy in ASP

Utada P.W. SIU
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Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\)
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"Utada P.W. SIU" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Thanks~~

The magical thing isn't it? If you can pool, your app will rock
ASP itself, does not use pooling. Only COM+ components written using C++ or
a .NET language ca be pooled. Note that pooling should not be a -target- but
a solution, if you really need it for specifici reasons. eg:
1) you need to cache specific data.
2) you have a specific driver that does -not- support database resource
pooling (ado does support!).
3) etc

compatible web farm Session replacement for Asp and Asp.Net

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Bob Barrows [MVP]
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Utada P.W. SIU wrote:
> Thanks~~

You should be asking how NOT to use connection pooling. In ASP, connection
pooling is used automatically, without the developer having to do a thing.

Now, mind you, there are things a developer can do to disable connection
pooling, such as:

- failure to use an explicit connection object to open recordsets or execute
commands. This syntax:

set cn=createobject("adodb.connection") <some connection string>
set rs=createobject("adodb.recordset")
rs.Source=<some query string>
rs.ActiveConnection = cn

will cause a second connection, using the connection string from cn, to be
opened and used to open rs. To prevent that, you must use the Set keyword:

Set rs.ActiveConnection = cn

- use of the OLE DB Services attribute in your connection string to disable

- failure to close and destroy connections when you are finished with them

Here is some more information:;en-us;Q176056;en-us;191572;en-us;324686

Bob Barrows

Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET
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Dave Anderson
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Bob Barrows [MVP] wrote:
> rs.ActiveConnection = cn
> ...will cause a second connection, using the connection
> string from cn, to be opened and used to open rs. To
> prevent that, you must use the Set keyword:
> Set rs.ActiveConnection = cn

Or use JScript, as the above is the only possible syntax for assigning the
ActiveConnection property in JScript.

Dave Anderson

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