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ASP/IIS communicating with a VB based executable on the webserver.

Gavin Reynolds
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I am test developing an internal webserver, on Windows XP, and IIS 5.1, with
ASP and MySQL.

One specific page is created from user input and database records in
previous pages and presents a page with customised data and a webform. It
then takes input from the form and session variables and passes these to an
vb exe in the the wwwroot using the from
http://localhost/example.exe?testparameters. The vb exe takes the command
line parameter input and does its thing and it all works, but I am aware
this is a very insecure way of doing this and I implemented this only as a
quick workaround so I could test implement it all then refine it for

My question is, what is the best way for input to be passed from a web form
to an vb executable for it to do its thing. The exe will eventually
preferably run as a service, or at least all ways be active on the server,
and not starting for every request then ending, as I was hoping to allow for
sorting and queueing of requests passed to the exe, before they are
Obviously a model where the exe takes the input, does its thing, then ends
is not helpful.

I'm open to any and all suggestions, including completely different
approaches. I've heard of using COM or Active-X some how or other, but I
wanted to get some ideas before I commit myself to one route or another.

Thanks in advance

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