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Can the type of client influence ASP code?

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I have a problem, that suggests the client (type of?) is influencing the
HTML generated by my ASP code. Is this even possible?

My problem is this.

I have an ASP routine that takes some image details and constructs the HTML
as below:

Sub vbWriteBodyPic( strBdyPic, strBdyLink, strBdyAlt, strHTML )
If Trim(strBdyPic) <> "" Then
strHTML = "<img border=0 src=""" & strBdyPic & _
""" width=600 height=100 alt=""" & _
Server.HTMLEncode(Trim(strBdyAlt)) & """/>"
If Len(strBdyLink)>0 Then strHTML = "<a href=""redirect.asp?url=" & _
strBdyLink & """ TARGET=""Target = new"">" & strHTML &
strHTML = "<tr><td align=center>" & strHTML & _
"</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr>" & vbCrLf
strHTML = ""
End If
End Sub

On some clients, the <img......./> tag is missing completely from the
generated HTML. On others, it is rendered correctly 100% of the time. (The
data in the parameters is identical - from same DB)

The fact that this happens on only some clients, suggests it is the client
at fault, but the fact that HTML is missing suggests it is the
Server/asp/code at fault.

Does anyone have any ideas, as this is driving me mad!

Many Thanks.


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