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AppendChunk method with SQL Server

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Hi all,

I have an asp page that writes to an ntext field in SQL Server 2000.
All was going well until I had to put in a section of text greater than 8000
Then I got a timeout error and the update wouldn't go through.
After reading that 2000 only accepts chunks of 8000 bytes or under at a
time, I attempted to use the AppendChunk method.
The code I wrote seems to work first time I enter text in the page, no
matter how big. But when I try to update the ntext file,
if it is more than 8K, it just sits there and nothing happens. Now I dont
even get a timeout error.
From what I read, I was assured this would work.
For small text files under 8K it works beautifully, I can add and remove
text and it all works fast.
But as soon as the ntext field gets beyond that size its totally unworkable,
and seems to be just the same as using the standard UPDATE method. I've
attached the code.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be eternally grateful, this is driving
me nuts. I've attached the offending code.


' ***********************************************

' * PageStatus: SAVE Action: EDIT *

' ***********************************************

IF PageStatus = "SAVE" AND Action = "EDIT" THEN

sqlc = "SELECT * from " & tblName

Dim FldVal

Dim rs

Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

rs.cursortype = 1

rs.cursorlocation = 3

rs.locktype = 3

rs.Open sqlc, oConn

iChunk = 254

cTxtDescription = SQLReady(FileUp.Form(lang))

For iNo = 1 to len(cTxtDescription) step iChunk

iStartAt = iNo

cWorkString = mid(cTxtDescription, iStartAt , iChunk )

Response.Write "At byte " & iNo & vbCRLF & "<br/>"

rs.Fields("SimpleChinese").AppendChunk(cWorkString )


IF Page_Err = "OK" THEN

' Perform the Query



Set rs = Nothing

Set oConn = Nothing



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