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asp bufferring behaves differently on iis 6 servers, code or confi

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Hi All,

This may be an old question, but there's little useful references online
that I've been able to find.

I want the following code to display bit by bit, not send all at once to the
client (IE).

The following code sample works as intended on all NT4 Wkstation PWS and on
*one* IIS6 W2K3 server. On all other W2K3 servers it does not, it waits and
sends the whole page at once.

BTW same effect if bufferring is true OR false!

What might cause the difference between 2 IIS 6 servers in this case? I'm
looking to IIS config rather than code ... but i'm open to suggestions there

With Thanks,

---- CODE SAMPLE ---
<% Response.Buffer = true %>


Sub delay(n)
Dim endTime

endTime = dateadd("s", n, Now())
do while Now() < endTime
End Sub


<script language="javascript">
document.writeln ("js:header test<BR>");



Dim i

Response.Write "<HR>" & Now() & "<HR>" & vbCrLf

for i = 1 to 5
Response.Write "<script language=""javascript"">" & vbCrLf
Response.Write "document.writeln (""js:test " & CStr(i) & "<BR>"");" &
Response.Write "</script>" & vbCrLf

delay (2)

Response.Write "<HR>" & Now() & " All Done.<HR>"



<% Response.Flush %>
---- CODE END ----

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