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OpenDSObject failed

Fie Fie Niles
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When I used GetObject to authenticate LDAP, it returns "authentication
success" when my client enter the following values for sPath. :

sPath = "LDAP://"

sPath = "LDAP://"

sPath = "LDAP://"

It also returns "authentication success" when my client enter a user name
that does not exist (for ex: UserNotExist)

sPath = LDAP://" --> returns
"authentication success"


But, when my client enters the following values for sPath, they got an error
"error type: (0x80072032)", even though this organization (o=uniba,ou=medel)
exists, and they are needed by some users to be able to work with IBM
Set openDS = GetObject("LDAP://")
Set openDS =
Set openDS = GetObject("LDAP://")
Set openDS = GetObject("LDAP://,O=UNIBA")

These are the codes for the GetObject:
On Error Resume Next

Set openDS = GetObject(sPath)

if err.number = 0 then

Response.Write "authentication success"

Response.Write "Object Name: " & x.Name

Response.Write "Object Path: " & x.ADsPath


response.write err.number & ":" & err.description

end if

When I use the OpenDSObject method, with flags (4th parameter in
OpenDSObject set to 0), no matter what values my client enter for strADsPath
and strUserName, they got an error

"Failed to bound to object LDAP://Portal

Error number is -2147016646" -->> this error is "the server is not

They tried the following values for strADsPath and strUserName:

strADsPath = "LDAP://"

strADsPath = "LDAP://portal"

strUserName = "\jsmith"

strUserName = "cn=jsmith,ou=medel,o=uniba, ,dc=com"

strUserName = "cn=jsmith,o=portal,,dc= com"

strUserName = "cn=jsmith,o=portal"

iFlags = 0

Why can I connect using GetObject but not OpenDSObject in this case ? What
can I do to fix this problem ?

Thank you very much.

These are the codes for the OpenDSObject:
Dim oADsObject

Set oADsObject = GetObject(strADsPath)

strADsNamespace = left(strADsPath, instr(strADsPath, ":"))

set oADsNamespace = GetObject(strADsNamespace)

Set oADsObject = oADsNamespace.OpenDSObject(strADsPath, strUserName,
strPassword, cint(iFlags))

if not (Err.number = 0) then

Response.Write "Failed to bind to object " & strADsPath
response.write err.description & " Error number is " & err.number


Response.Write "Currently viewing object at " & oADsObject.ADsPath

end if

The following is my client's configuration:
Windows 2000 Server (SP4).
Lotus Domino v6.5.1 (using the LDAP Service of this product, this
is compatible with version 3.0).
Port 389.
Our LDAP manages unique Users and Groups.
In this moments the LDAP is used by three servers of IBM
Websphere. Each one have configured one conection to the LDAP through the
settings of this products (is native in the Websphere program).
In the Lotus Domino server has two Domino Directory databases, one
is the directory of the company and the other is the directory of producers.
Each one has a different OU and O.

For example:
For the company directory the OU and O is: OU=MEDEL,O=UNIBA /
For the producers directory, has not OU. The O is: O=PORTAL

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