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Secure Page/Reg/Login Process Flow

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Which of these scenarios is better:


User Registers and is returned to the login screen to test his new username
ie (email address). A login script checks user name against database.
and asigns him a cookie id with an expiration date 30 days in the future
from Date(Now). He is automaticaly redirected to his initial requested
target URL.

User registers and is immediately sent to the Page he initially requested.
At the registration page a cookie is also initialized with an expiration
date and his prospsect database id.

A? or B?

Secure Page
Test for cookies Enablment/Turned On

If cookie present, test for Cookie Prospect ID.
No - Send back to login page
Yes - Depost Current URL in the UserPath table...Now let him view page

1. A. Send User to [A] Login Screen and force him to login.


2. Inform him he can go no further until he enables cookies.

Sorry if this seems obvious, but I am concerned about where I place the
burden of the database code (sql server Sps) and where exactly I should
initialize the cookies and what I should do exactly to degrade appliation if
user does not have cookies.


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