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ASP - Form redirect to same page - BACK button does not work ???

Hugo Botha
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I have created 2 asp pages called testa.asp and testb.asp

testa.asp has a link to go to next page testb.asp

testb.asp has a form that ask you for a reference number and post it
to the same page testb.asp

If the reference number is not blank, it will just write out what the
reference number is.

Now my problem....

If you go to testa.asp and click on the link to go to testb.asp you
will see the form. At this point, if you click the back button, it
till take you back to testa.asp ALL FINE SO FAR.

If you go to testb.asp again and see the form, enter a number say 33
and click on search. This will now show you the number you have just
entered. NOW - click on the BACK BUTTON, it will just show you exactly
the same page ! WHY does it not go back to the FORM in order to refill
in a different number.

You can see this example on :

Here is the code for testa.asp
Response.Expires = -2000 'Makes the browser not cache this page

<a href="testb.asp">click</a>

Here is the code for testb.asp
Response.Expires = -2000 'Makes the browser not cache this page
Reference_No = Request.Form("Reference_No")

If Reference_No = "" Then


<form name=form1 action=testb.asp method=post>

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5>
<TD align="center" class=txt><B>Reference Number
<input type=text name=Reference_No size="25" value=""
<input type=hidden name=login value=true>
<input type=submit value="Search"></TD>


response.write " reference number = " & Reference_No
End If

Can anyone help please ????

e-mail Removed)

Thank you very much

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<form name=form1 action=testb.asp method=post target="_blank">

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