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I'm using Global.asa on my web site, our Web server migrate to a new server from Platform WinNT to Platform (Nt+ Unix) do te server will not support Global.asa

My question is:

in the global.asa I have this code:

'Session_OnStart Runs the first time a user runs any page in your application
'Session_OnEnd Runs when a user's session times out or quits your application
<script LANGUAGE="VBScript" RUNAT="Server">
Option Explicit
Sub Session_OnStart

' Enable = 1 disable = 0
Session("DownloadEnable") = 1
Session.Value("szVerMaj") = "5"
Session.Value("szVerMin") = "8"
Session.Value("szComp") = "225"
Session.Value("szFile") = "27 Mo"

end sub
end script

On file which use the session in global.asa is: Download.html

<% if Session.Value("DownloadEnable") = "1" then %>
b><font face="trebuchet ms,verdana,arial,helv" color="#000033" size="-1">Before
downloading the Demo Copy</font></b><p><font face="trebuchet ms,verdana,arial,helv" color="#000033" size="-1">Complete
the form below in order to let us generate your
authorization number.</font>
end if

So I'm using the sessions in almost all my pages

Now I have to replace my Global.asa with GlobalVar.asp and I have to include it in all my pages. I rename Global.asa to GlobalVar.asp and I included it in one page to test but it's not working well

I put on my download.html after my Javascript code:

<!--#include file="GlobalVar.asp"-->

but when I test the page Global.html I do not a page to display

Any help please do I have to rename my session to a sample Variable:
Session("DownloadEnable") = 1
Dim DownloadEnable
DownloadEnable = 1


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