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ASP to Access DB

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I have a very simple script that seems to work OK inserting into an
Access table from a CSV file. The problem I have is that the first
column (stored as text) has student ID numbers - some start with 100...
others start with a character like K or M. It inserts the 100... IDs but
not the rest. Anyone any ideas? Here is the code:

set objConn= Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

strDBPath = Server.MapPath("../DB/Live.mdb")
objConn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & strDBPath
& ";"

Dim csv_path
csv_path = Server.MapPath("./Uploads") & "\"

SQL = "SELECT * INTO Learner FROM [Learner2.csv] IN """ & csv_path &
""" ""TEXT;"""

SQL = "INSERT INTO Learner SELECT * FROM [Learner2.csv] IN """ &
csv_path & """ ""TEXT;"""

'Executing the SQL Statement
ObjConn.Execute SQL

Hope someone has the answer.


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Bob Barrows [MVP]
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CJA wrote:
> Hi
> I have a very simple script that seems to work OK inserting into an

Already answered over in .db

Please do not multipost CJA. This is definitely a database-related
question so .asp.db was the perfect group in which to post it. Posting it
here as well did not increase your chances of getting an answer (most of us
subscribe to both groups). On the contrary, if somebody had taken his time
to answer it here, only to find that it was already resolved in the other
group, that person may have been annoyed enough to ignore any future posts
from you, thereby decreasing your chances of getting help in the future.

There are times when you will not be sure which group is most appropriate
(again, this was not one of them), and you will want to post a question to
both groups. In that situation, you should use the cross-posting technique,
rather than posting the same message multiple times. To crosspost, put
a semicolon-delimited* list of the newsgroups to which you wish to post in
the To: header of your post and post it once. It, and any replies to it,
will appear in all the newsgroups in your list. So, if I reply in .asp.db,
my reply will also appear here in .asp.general.

* ... or whatever delimiter is recognized by your news client

Bob Barrows
Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET
Please reply to the newsgroup. This email account is my spam trap so I
don't check it very often. If you must reply off-line, then remove the

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