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I have a asp with an applet, the applet code is:

<applet code="Viewer.class" archive="v" width=10 height=10>
<param name=nrslices value="2">
<param name=image0 value="http://server/webprova/image.aspx?Path=D:\images\Images\282020\2004060910 5849-00145.RAIM10_090_132">
<param name=image1 value="http://server/webprova/image.aspx?Path=D:\images\Images\282020\2004060911 0022-00146.RAIM10_090_132">
<param name=nrseries value="4">
<param name=serie0 value="1">
<param name=serie1 value="1">
<param name=serie2 value="1">
<param name=serie3 value="1">
<param name=keepCurrentWL value="false">
<param name=multiframe value="False">

The applet stay in virtual directory without user and password, but the image that accede are in protected directory, and the
images are acceded by asp page, that contain value item in the param applet.

The question is how i can pass by the client authentication in order to the asp page accede to the images??

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