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ASP Cookies + Frames = Problems

Dan Meehan
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I created a music website that allows people to sign up and post
messages on some message boards and update their profiles and such.
The login script uses cookies, so when they Log Into the site it does
something like:

Response.cookies("ID") = RS.fields("UserID").value
Response.cookies("USERNAME") = RS.fields("Username").value
Response.cookies("LEVEL") = RS.fields("ULevel").value

and from there, I have a header include that will verify that they are
logged in using something like this:

if Request.cookies("ID") <> "" then
{{code code code}}
{{code code code}}
end if

Everything worked great! It had for some 5 months now.

HOWEVER..recently I added a frame to the bottom of the site, which
houses a radio bar. The radio is constantly streaming out music, so I
don't want to refresh it or else the music is going to be disrupted.
The top frame holds the site exactly as it was before. But, now I am
getting some complaints that people cannot Log In. I cant put the
radio in a pop up window because there is prime advertising space on
it, which is very important to our business. there some reason that ASP cookies + frames = problems? Is
there any way I can fix this without killing my frames?
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