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If statment doesn't work, why ?

Carlos Fernandes
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Why when i awsner N in my if statment it also inserts data in my db ?


....asp code...
nr=inputbox("S/N." )
if ucase(nr)="S" then
document.write "<%Set RS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")%>"
document.write "<%RS.Open "reuniao", DB, 1,2 %>"
document.write "<%RS.AddNew%>"
document.write "<%RS ("solicitante") = request.form("solicitante")%>"
document.write "<%RS.Update%>" document.write "<%response.write
end if
....asp code...

Best regards,

Carlos Removed)

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Carlos Fernandes wrote on 01 mei 2004 in

> Why when i awsner N in my if statment it also inserts data in my db ?

ASP code is executed serverside BEFORE the page is sent to the client.
The client cannot execute ASP code.

> document.write "<%Set RS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")%>"

The <% ... %> is executed [serverside, see above], but gives no string in

document.write ""

So it is not a very logical thing to do.

The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots in my emailaddress)
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