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Rahul Chatterjee
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Hello All

I have 2 web pages. The first page is on a different domain with a page
containing links to another domain where the bulk of my code resides. The
first page contains session variables which times the script. If the time is
exceeded and the session variables are cleared, the page redirects to
another message page. The problem that I am facing is when I click on a link
on the 1st page and go to the other domain and work there, the first page
session variables are getting cleared out after 2 minutes even though the
other domain session variables are active. I tried to increase the Timeout
variable on the links page Server.Scripttimeout to 12000 (200 mins???) but
that still does not work and the timeout still happens in about 2 minutes.

Can anyone help?


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Server.ScriptTimeout and Session.timeout are two different things

it _sounds_ from your post that you want the latter.

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