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XMLHTTP SEND and 0x800C0005 error

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I create one asp program like below, but when I run the asp as http://localhost/test.asp, I meet 0x800C0005 error...How to solve it?

Dim objXMLHTTP, xml

Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

xml.Open "GET", "", False

' Pull the data from the web page

Response.write "Here's the html we now have in our xml object"
Response.write "<BR><BR><BR>"
Response.Write "<xmp>"
Response.Write xml.responseText
Response.Write "</xmp>"
Response.write "<BR><BR><BR>"
Response.write " Now here's how the page looks:<BR><BR>"
Response.Write xml.responseText

Set xml = Nothing

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well, the first most obvious question is "are you connected to the net"?

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Aaron Bertrand - MVP
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> I meet 0x800C0005 error...How to solve it?

That's great, but what is the TEXT of the message? You don't expect people
to identify hex codes in one glance, do you?

Anyway, try setting the user agent header, as I'm sure tries
to prevent being overrun by spiders, xmlhttp requests, etc. You can see
sample code at

Or, run your test against a site that is not such an obvious "test"
destination that would implement any kind of packet blocking/filtering...

Aaron Bertrand
SQL Server MVP

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