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a "ContactMe" tool for the group

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I thought since I am building my site a 'Contact Me' page ... I may
has well include it in my sites scripts (I am doing this with quite a
few other tools of my site as well).

It isn't perfect yet, but it is good. Currently you have 2 options for
the way the message gets to you ... through Persits ASPEmail component
or just writing the messages (very cleanly) to a text file. ((Which by
the way, I am going to be also including a way to view and reply to
messages through a 'contact_admin.asp' backend tool)).

I like the textfile write myself because it is faster than calling a
component ... but have the email has it's obvious advantages too.

Anyway, I have this little thing running at ...

It is simply a table ... not a full webpage ... it is about
width="500" and height="400" ... so you will be able to drop the code
right into a table cell in your design.

By the way ... the code looks like this ... I have this one setup for
textfile message storage ... but I included the code (commented out)
for using Persits ASPEmail component.

It is really easy to control the subjects dropdown values as you can
see. I also included the CSS code ... so you have some control on
colors, font, text ... so you can make it match your site.

ALSO ... I have included my JSValidation.js for form validation ... it
currently checks that everything has a value ... and also that the
email address is mostly valid ((be patient with me ... I am going to
be improving MY email validation shortly))
On top of validation, There is a limiter on the # of messages that can
be sent daily.

Anyway, I just would like to help out the group as much as I can ...
so use the tool and send me a message or 2 about what you may like to
see with it. If good responses ... here or through message tool ... I
will add code so people can use other popular email components.

<style type="text/css">
table.cp_FormTable {border: 2px solid #339; background-color:

.cp_FormFields, .cp_ConfirmationMessages, .cp_FormTitle,
cp_FormFieldTitles {font-family: verdana; font-weight: bold;
font-size: 10pt;}
.cp_FormFields {border: 1px solid #000; font-weight:
.cp_FormTitle {font-size: 12pt;}
.cp_FormFieldTitles {}
.cp_ConfirmationMessages {font-weight: normal;}

Dim cp_ConactMe: Set cp_ConactMe = New cp_ContactMeClass
With cp_ConactMe
.cp_MessagesPerDay = 3

.cp_FormTitle = "Contact Me"

.cp_AddSubjectOption("Website Comment")
.cp_AddSubjectOption("Script Comment")
.cp_AddSubjectOption("Thank you")
.cp_AddSubjectOption("Would like custom script made.")

.cp_MessageType = "textfile"
.cp_TextPath = Server.MapPath("/contact_messages.asp")

'// *** Persits ASPEmail Component MESSAGE ***
'.cp_MessageType = "aspemail"
'.cp_YourSMTPHost = ""
'.cp_YourEmailAddress = "bcc,(E-Mail Removed)"
'.cp_WebsiteEmailAddress = "(E-Mail Removed)"

End With
Set cp_ConactMe = Nothing

I participate in the group to help give examples of code.
I do not guarantee the effects of any code posted.
Test all code before use!
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