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ASP Page Reloading

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We have a asp and the source is,
Response.Expires = 0
appnum = Request.QueryString("appnum")
pdfpath = Application("pdfpath")
set objXML = server.createobject("TASJobReport1.JobReport")
x = objXML.PopulatePDF(appnum)
set objXML = nothing

if (ReadFromDisk = "Y") then
filename = pdfpath & "/JAR" & appNum & ".pdf"
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
Response.BinaryWrite x
end if

Basically what we are doing is, we are creating a COM+ object (
TASJobReport1) and get the method of it to get the details and
populate it in a acrobat.
But this asp page is getting reloaded for two times, Don't know why /
but it's getting the values to the end user properly. But because it's
reloading two times, we have a bottle neck for performance.
Anyone help us...
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