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Acessing MS Exchange 2003 - problems with CDO

Nitec Dev
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Our setup:

ASP database running on IIS5, Outlook 2000 and SQL 2000 on Windows
2000. Server2 runs Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000 using CDO 1.2 MAPI
Sessions. Clients use IE5/6 and had Outlook 2000 installed.

Upgraded to ASP running on IIS6, Outlook 2000 and SQL 2000 on Windows
2003. Server2 runs windows 2003 with Exchange 2003 using CDO 1.2 MAPI
Sessions. Clients use IE5/6 and have Outlook 2000/2003 installed.

We have an asp page that contains several functions for the rest of
application to use (via #include). It logs onto the Exchange server as
the "auth_user"

Our problem:

Exchange functionality (sending email, retrieving contact details,
creating appointments) failed completely for a single user; this
appeared to happen when Outlook 2003 was installed. After some time,
the Exchange functionality would work again for this user, but a
different user would then experience the problem. And it grew to being
2/3 users at a time with this issue.

Our solution attempts:

Suspected the problem was Outlook 2003 modifying mailbox properties as
detailed here

Did not solve the issue. Suspected this was because server2 was
hotfixed, and server1 still had Outlook 2000 CDO and possibily had
incompatabilities. Installed Outlook 2003 on server1 - this completely
killed the Exchange functionality for all users
"Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01AD)
ActiveX component can't create object: 'MAPI.Session'"

We then moved the ASP pages to server2 (running IIS6) thinking the CDO
on here would be complete and correct. Problem solved! Or so we
thought, in the last week, we have had two users who lost Exchange
functionality. Also, the Exchange server is now running noticeably
slower, with the w3svc-wp process failing - it does not have
SeTcbPrivilege. (unsure what this means, something to do with
anonymous password sync - which our application does not use)

Am I missing something obvious?
Is there a limit to the number of concurrent CDO/MAPI connections? Do
I need to enable third party MAPI access in Outlook 2003 on our

New Ideas:

Use iis smtp for sending mail,
use SQL DTS to get Exchange contacts periodically,
forget about creating appointments until future.

convert parts of application to .NET and
Use XSO - does not exist yet.
Use WEBDav - have found a lot of information on what it can do, but
little to no information on how to do it. Would this allow us to send
mail, get contact info, and create appointments? Is it reliable?
Would you recommend it?

Any and all comments would be most welcome Removed)
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