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Determine if Page Refreshed

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First I would question why you want to do this. If they
get to the page by any means it should respond
appropriately, whether refresh or by link. This is a
stateless environment after all.

That being said...

I would take the approach of setting a session variable
that gets set the first time they hit the page:

if session("NotTheFirstTime") = "" then
'write the onload
session("NotTheFirstTime") = true
end if

then based on that variable write or don't write the

Of course, if the user can access the page from multiple
links and the onload is valid for each link, regardless of
how many times they hit the page, this won't work.

>-----Original Message-----
>Is there a way to determine if a page is loading from a
>refresh (either by a page timeout or clicking the refresh
>button) vs. directly loading the page from a link. I
>want to perform an onLoad event in the page only if it
>was directly linked to; not if the page is being

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