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spell check user input
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I want to add the "Did you mean" - Google feature to searches on my

My website lets users search for a business using different
If there is no match, I want to do a spell check on the entered

I need to be able to check words with an english dictionary as well as
add words
(business names) to the dictionary.

At the moment I am looking at the SpellServer by Chado, JSPELL HTML
AcivSpell by CFDEF.COM.
Does anyone have any experience with these? I am looking for an
inexpensive solution.
(Not using word on the server.)

Any ideas of how to develop a spell check for ASP, or any knowledge
and reconmendations
on inexpensive existing software would help me a lot.

thanks, Jennifer
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Arnold Shore
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The following Javascript works for me. It invokes the Windows spell checker
at the client's desktop so it has a familiar look/feel - and the price is
right. But it DOES require Word at the desktop, so ... . Watch word
wraps, etc.


function jspeller() {

var jobjWord = new ActiveXObject("Word.Application"); //
create application object

jobjWord.WindowState = 2;
// minimized

jobjWord.Visible = 0; // not visible

var jobjDocument = jobjWord.Documents.Add( "", false, 1, true);
// create document object lue; //
assign input text content

jobjDocument.CheckSpelling(); // perform spell check

document.add_form.vcomment.value = jobjDocument.Content.Text; //
assign returned value

jobjDocument.Close (0);
// housekeep

jobjWord.Application.Quit (-1);

jobjDocument = null;

jobjWord = null;



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