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Multiple Querystring

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Hi all,

Here's a newbie question for you all. I have a page lets call it
main.asp On this page there are 2 links both pointing to the same page
but sends different querystrings. for example

On the new.asp page I have a couple functions that are being called
depending on the querystring being passed. if "id" is found go fetch
the results from a database. if "state" is found check the case
statements. if no querystring then go to the default function. (all in
the same page)

Here is my if else code but I am not sure what I am doing wrong since
it keeps trying to find a "End" somewhere in the code.

If (Request.QueryString("ID") <> "") Then
callpara = Request.QueryString("ID")
Else if (Request.QueryString("State") <> "") Then
statereq = Request.QueryString("State") 'statereq --- State
select case statereq
case "AZ"
case "AK"
case "WA"
end select 'more states will follow but not more than 10
End if

Now I know the if-else has to end and then I have to start a new
if-else but thats where I am going wrong. Any ideas as to how to make
this simple, and most of all make it work?

Thanks in advance
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Guinness Mann
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)> , Removed) says...
> Else if (Request.QueryString("State") <> "") Then

ElseIf, not Else If

-- Rick

Who's better for furniture? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY!!!!
Guinness Mann
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