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ASP Templates like Perl's HTML::Template?

C. Olive
Posts: n/a
Environment: Classic ASP running on IIS v5.1
Scripting Language: VBScript

I suppose someone would have to be somewhat familiar with Perl in
order to answer this question specifically. If you are not intimately
familiar with Perl, then perhaps you can still help by reading through
the lines here...

I'm looking for a templating system in a Classic ASP environment that
works like HTML::Template in Perl. I've actually used HTML::Template
with great success in Classic ASP by using the PerlScript engine.
PerScript literally brings almost .NET capabilities to Classic ASP.
Unfortunately I am on an assignment right now that precludes the use
of PerlScript -- I have to use VBScript -- and I am sorely missing the
templating power of Perl's HTML::Template which allows me to
completely decouple ASP scripting and COM+ component coding from HTML

If you don't know what I mean by referring to Perl's HTML::Template
templating system, then perhaps someone can point me to a free ASP
HTML templating system with some power. I've seen some rather
simplistic templating VBScript classes that are an improvement over
mixing ASP code and HTML in ASP pages but I've seen nothing that has
the power I am looking for yet. Hopefully someone with some Perl
experience in this forum can help point the way. Otherwise, some tips
on where I can find a good, free, solid, powerful HTML templating
system would be more than welcome.

Surely I'm not going to have to roll my own...!

Chris Olive
chris [I'm at] technologEase [dot] com
(pronounced "technologies")
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