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Active Directory Authentication in ASP

Michael B. Murdock
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I have been attempting to find a script that works in a variety of AD
implementations to authenticate a user from a form in ASP. After many failed
attempts I developed the following test script that seems to work in a
majority of environments I have tested it in.

I am posting it for the benefit of other developers trying to solve the same

Best regards,

Mike Murdock
Web Content Management Solutions
mmurdock (at) starphire (d0t) com


I have updated the script to make it more generic and work in multiple
domain environments and am posting it here as a resource for other users.

Mike Murdock
Web Content Management Solutions
mmurdock (at) starphire (d0t) com

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

<title>LDAP Authentication Test</title>


dim submit
dim UserName
dim Password

UserName = "domain\JohnDoe"
Password = ""
Domain = ""

submit = request.form("submit")

if submit = "Authenticate" then
UserName = request.form("UserName")
Password = request.form("Password")
Domain = request.form("Domain")
result = AuthenticateUser(UserName, Password, Domain)
if result then
response.write "<h3>Authentication Succeeded!</h3>"
response.write "<h3>Authentication Failed!</h3>"
end if
end if

response.write "<hr><form method=post>"
response.write "<table>"
response.write "<tr>"
response.write "<td><b>Username:&nbsp;</b></td><td><input type=""text""
name=""UserName"" value=""" & UserName & """ size=""30""><br><small>Enter as
""DOMAIN\UserName"" or ""(E-Mail Removed)"" or ""\UserName"" in a
single domain environment</small></td>"
response.write "</tr>"
response.write "<tr>"
response.write "<td><b>Password:&nbsp;</b></td><td><input
type=""password"" name=""Password"" value=""" & Password & """
response.write "</tr>"
response.write "<tr>"
response.write "<td><b>AD Domain:&nbsp;</b></td><td><input type=""text""
name=""Domain"" value=""" & Domain & """ size=""30""><br><small>Enter the AD
Server FQDN, IP Address, or DN<br>Examples: """" or
"""" or
response.write "</tr>"
response.write "<tr>"
response.write "<td>&nbsp;</td><td><input name=""submit""
type=""submit"" value=""Authenticate""></td>"
response.write "</tr>"
response.write "</table>"
response.write "</form>"

function AuthenticateUser(UserName, Password, Domain)
dim strUser
' assume failure
AuthenticateUser = false

strUser = UserName
strPassword = Password

strQuery = "SELECT cn FROM 'LDAP://" & Domain & "' WHERE objectClass='*' "
set oConn = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.Provider = "ADsDSOOBJECT"
oConn.Properties("User ID") = strUser
oConn.Properties("Password") = strPassword
oConn.Properties("Encrypt Password") = true "DS Query", strUser, strPassword

set cmd = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
set cmd.ActiveConnection = oConn
cmd.CommandText = strQuery
on error resume next
set oRS = cmd.Execute
if oRS.bof or oRS.eof then
AuthenticateUser = false
AuthenticateUser = true
end if
set oRS = nothing
set oConn = nothing

end function



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