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Huge challenge in retrieve data using ASP

Marco Alting
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I'm developing a hierachy system that needs display data from a database,
summing from the lowest level up. The difficulty is, there are also multiple
columns across, I'll try to show it below:

col1 col2
col3 col4 col5

What I've tried to draw above is best to think of as sort of a spreadsheet.
Each value of the items at Level1.3 should be summed at Level1.3 and each
LevelX.3 should sum to the level above. Preferably the whole thing should be
collapsable in the browser, but thats another thing. The data that comes
from the database is at the Item level (each Item represents a record in the
table holding the fields col1, col2, col3, col4, col5).

I hope this makes sense to someone out here, because I doesn't to me
anymore! Please help me out here...


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Mark Henri
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It sounds a little bit like you're trying to do a normal level break report
but I can't tell from your description. Maybe these will help:

Check out Morten's Javascript Tree Menu at --

Check out the 'GROUP BY' clause for your SQL. It may also help to get
things close to what you need. Otherwise, you'll just be handling the
totalling yourself in the code.

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Marco Alting
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Thanks Mark! I think it is a level breakdown report, but my difficulty
is that I have to do it bottom up. I also looked at Tree Menu, which is
a good piece of software, but in my solution the menu-item must have
multiple columns across to show the values sort of like this:

Item col1 col2 col3 col4 col5
xxx val1 val2 val3 val4 val5

and since Tree Menu uses another frame to display the content, I will
not align properly with the menu item.

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