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.NET Best Practices

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Hi can someone send or point me to Any nice Material on .NET Best Practices


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Pete Wright
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First stop has to be the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft
themselves (
After that, check out the Architecture group which has their own set of
awesome information.

In terms of books, you could do a lot worse than look at Test Driven
Development in C#, and Extreme Programming Adventures in C#, and Object
Thinking. The seminal MS-based security book Write Secure Code is also well
worth a look to have Security By Default in the applications you and your
teams develop.

Finally, get an RSS Aggregator, like NewsGator or RSS Bandit, go to , click on Blogs and start subscribing to some of the
awesome RSS feeds from some very talented technical people who actually work
at Microsoft writing the software you want to use in the best possible way,
if that makes sense.

Hope that helps

Peter Wright (
Author of ADO.NET Novice To Pro
From Apress. (and 10
other doorstops from Wrox)

<NehalDOTNET> wrote in message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi can someone send or point me to Any nice Material on .NET Best

> -regards

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