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mailto problem - need to autosend w/>256chars

Peter Bassett
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I thought this would be an easier task than it has become.

I have a form for the user to enter resume information. There are several
fields. I need to email this information to the Recruiter. Ithought I could
just concatenate all the fields into "body" and send it off in a
Response.redirect command a la

RedirectStmt = "mailto:" & "(E-Mail Removed)" & "?subject=" & _
Request.QueryString("fullname") & " Resume" &_ "&body=" & body

But I do not want to see the email client pop up. I want this to
automatically be sent. Also, I have read that the mailto limit is 256 chars
which is of course wxceeded with all the resume info.

How can I auto-send the resume and also have the body be any size?

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