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OT: RTF different Word 2000/XP

Kris Eiben
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Sorry for the OT post. The only reason I thought of posting here is
that I use ASP to create this RTF. If somebody knows of an NG where
this would be on-topic, please let me know.

Background: We're using RTF for reports, and use Office 2000 for testing
since that's what most (all, until now) of our users have. One of our
most-used reports has two sections, a one-page summary up front, then
the details following. Both use tables for formatting, with a
corresponding one-row table in the header as a label row in the detail
portion. There's a section break between the summary and detail to
allow the use of different headers in the 2 sections.

Problem: I just heard from a user with Office XP that his report doesn't
look right. So, I found the only PC in the building with Office XP
installed for testing, and, sure enough, the summary table now spans 28
pages, all varying inch-or-more-tall rows with fat black lines
inbetween. The text is all formatted just like it used to be, font and
background colors and all, and nicely centered in these enormous cells.
The detail section of the report is fine in XP as well as 2000, and the
summary table is correct in 2000. Our user reports that all Win2000 and
WinXP machines in his office with Office 2000 were fine, so we're
assuming that OS is not an issue.

Plea for help: Anybody have any idea why this one table would render
correctly in 2000, but break so completely in XP? I'd love some
informed ideas to try, as we have to run back and forth between our PCs
and the XP PC in order to test.

Thanks for reading!

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