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using createElement with VBScript

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Hi, I am trying to create dynamic list boxes using the onChange event
Basically what I have here is a little function called NumberOfDays
which returns the number of days in a given month in a given year. I
then have an html select box <select> that I am populating with the
number of days returned from the function. Essentially, this
subroutine works. For instance, if I select January of 2003, then it
populate my select box with numbers 1-31 but the problem is if it gets
called a second time, it doens't clear the original data. So if I
select January of 2003, and then I select January of 2002, the select
box will be filled with 1-31,1-31

Here is my subroutine:

Sub end_year_OnChange
days=NumberOfDays(form1.end_month.Value, form1.end_year.Value)
for i=1 to days
Set Opt = document.createElement("OPTION")
Opt.text = i
Opt.value = i
Opt.ID = i
form1.end_day.Add Opt
Set Opt = Nothing
End Sub
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Ray at
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Try posting to a client-side group such as
microsoft.public.scripting.vbscript. This group is about server-side

Ray at home

Will trade ASP help for SQL Server help

"Jeremy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> Hi, I am trying to create dynamic list boxes using the onChange event
> handler.

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