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asp CDONTS attachment not being sent correctly

Ryan McLean
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Hello everyone! I have a question for ya'll. In a web-based asp
application I am creating and (attempting to) attach a file. The
email sends correctly, but when I try to open the attachment, it is
blank. Now, I know you all are probably thinking that the file is
blank on the server or it doesn't exist at the address that I specify.
Well, I checked on the server and the file is there and there is
stuff in it. Could this be a permissions thing, or am I just writing
the syntax incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


p.s. Here is some code (notice the response.writes at the bottom of
each sub, they print the same stuff):

call subFileCreate("/gearupqa/reporttemp/",
"Academic_Information.html", strBody)
call subEmail(request.form("txtEmail"), "(E-Mail Removed)", "Here is the
report that you requested.", "/gearupqa/reporttemp/",
"Academic_Information.html", "GEAR UP Administration : Academic
Information Page")

sub subEmail(dest, orig, mail_body, path, file_name, subj)
Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")
objMail.From = orig & "<GearUp>"
objMail.To = dest & "<" & dest & ">"
objMail.Subject = subj
objMail.AttachFile server.mappath(path & file_name),
file_name objMail.Body = mail_body
objMail.BodyFormat=0 '0 HTML, 1 plain text
objMail.MailFormat=0 '0 MIME format, 1 plain text
Set objMail = nothing
response.write(server.mappath(path & file_name) & "<br>")
end sub

sub subFileCreate(path, file_name, text)
Set FileObject = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set InStream = FileObject.OpenTextFile(server.mappath(path &
file_name), 8, TRUE, -2)
set InStream = nothing
set FileObject = nothing
response.write(server.mappath(path & file_name) & "<br>")
end sub

Here are the printed paths:
C:\webs\gearup\gearupqa\reporttemp\Academic_Inform ation.html
C:\webs\gearup\gearupqa\reporttemp\Academic_Inform ation.html

Thanks again!
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Ryan McLean
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Hi Curt! Thank you for the fast response and assistance. I tried
what you suggested regarding the email code being executed using
hard-coded values outside of the routine on an asp page; sadly it was
of no avail.

I didn't know there was a cdo email . . . I'll have to look for some
information on it.

Thank you again for your help.

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Ryan McLean
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Yay! The new CDO method worked perfectly! Thanks again!


p.s. Is there any way to change the file name as it appears in the
email? I haven't seen any parameters that allow you to do that like
you can in cdonts.
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