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Question on Internet Explorer handling chr(169) in an Chinese locale PC

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I have the following piece of ASP code
================================================== ====

' Set XArray with Data object
csiSDataTrsfr="G" & csiPCKTD
csiSDataTrsfr = csiSDataTrsfr & "document" ..
================================================== ====

On a normal English locale PC, the above code will set csiSDataTrsfr to
"G<copyright_symbol>document .. i.e. chr(169) is the "copyright_symbol"

On a "Simplified Chinese locale PC, csiSDataTrsfr will be set to
"G<chinese_char>ocument .. Beacuse IE treated the chr(169) i.e. the
copyright symbol with the following "d" from the word "document" as a
Chinese character

Which cause a lot of problem in the Internet Explorer. I wonder if there is
any way I can force the IE to treat the chr(169) and chr(174) as a single
byte European char? On the other hand, is there a way to override the
Chinese locale setting within IE to use European locale when handling the
above piece of code?

I have tried to use the Session.codepage, response.charset="Western-1251"
statements etc, none of them are working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

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