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ASP Web Forms - looking for ideas.

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Hello Group, been lurking for a while now, great source of info. A little
help if you will?

I have two tables:

I have one form with details for App1 and App2.

Can I somehow insert the necessary values from the App1 fields into table1
and the App2 fields into table2? Does not seem obvious, I have a work
around which I am going to design should I find no easier way.

My work around:
Create the form with both App1 and App2 fields present. onSubmit I shall
store App1 values in Table1 AND record ALL App2 fields as Session Values. I
will then redirect to "Table2Parse.asp" and have a hidden form take the
Session Values and automatically submit them to Table2 and redirect to a
thank you URL.

This seems logical to me, I think I can have it done in an hour or so, just
not sure if this is the best way to proceed.

Anyone else have any thoughts? I NEED to have two separate tables for
compatibility reasons, and I don't want to split the data from a third table
using queries.

Thanks for any advice offered!

Gary Whittle. - site officially launching soon.

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Bob Barrows
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Please don't multipost. I've already replied to this question over at
..asp.db. If you feel you must direct your question at multiple newsgroups*,
then post one single message to the desired groups by putting the group
names into the To list (aka crosspost)

*.asp.db is the only group you needed to post this to. Your question
concerns asp and database code: absolutely no ambiguity.


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