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demystify: WCF applications cannot be exposed to 3rd parties

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Specifically what we are trying to 'demystify' is this:

We created a wcf service that we allow other developers to consume. However
lets say with the default wcf settings one of the developers consumes the
service, runs a loop that consumes 10 connections and never calls .close() on
the service...

Basically this keeps anyone else from being able to use the service... thus
the real question is: How do you keep a developer that is consuming your
service from being able to completely bringing it down and making it unusable
for everyone?

How is it even possible to create a wcf service that works like a web
service? ie: we never have to worry about inside/outside developers
consuming our service and using up all of the connections. The feeling we
are getting is that you could not use wcf to expose data to outside entities
like you could a web service out of fear of that company/developer not
calling the .close() method.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.

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