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How to pass the parameters (soap message) to a web service...

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I'm calling a web service dynamically by building the SOAP
message at run-time and sending the request to the web
service using Visual C++, MSSoap and MSXML etc.

I'm able to call and execute a method with no parameters.
However, when I call a method with an input
param (string) and specify that parameter in the SOAP
message, it is not being passed into the method. No error
occurs...but the value of the
input param is not getting through to the method. While
testing this issue, I discovered that if I removed the
entire SOAP body the method still executed without error.
How can this be? It's almost as if the web service is
ignoring the SOAP body entirely...and going solely on the
SOAP header info.
Any help is really appreciated.

Webservice is a ASP Webservice created using


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