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Adhering to a particular WSDL - basics

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Hi !
Am writing a webservice that will be called by another web service. Now, I
understand that we have to agree on a contract before the two web services
can talk to each other. How should I proceed?

I've been given a WSDL specifying the types and messages. Now, how do I
write my webservice such that it adheres to this WSDL?

One use case is:
Client will call my web service requesting for a list of employees. I'm
retrieving the records from my DB and now have to send it back to the
client. There is a type in the WSDL that defines "Employee". So, do i have
to define a class in my code matching this type definition in WSDL? After
that do I just serialize the employee record into xml and send it back to
the client?

Any samples/links to samples will be helpful !


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