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Netlimiter and dotnet 2.0 webservice

Stephen Ahn
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Consider the following test web method :

public byte[] GetRandomBytes(int len)
Random rr = new Random();

byte[] bb = new byte[len];
return bb;

Two scenarios :
1) compile windows client and web service in VS 2003 (dotnet 1.1).
2) compile windows client and web service in VS 2005 (dotnet 2.0).

When Netlimiter is NOT used, the web method call in scenario 2 is
consistently faster (about 20-30%) than for scenario 1.
i.e. the dotnet 2.0 version of the client and server are faster than the
same code compiled under dotnet 1.1.

When Netlimiter IS used to limit the download rate, the dotnet 2.0 version
becomes consistently about 20% slower than the dotnet 1.1 version.

Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour with Netlimiter (I'm using
version 1.3) ?


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