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returning XML data from sqxml webservice

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I want to get a DataSet returned from my SqlXml webservice using a
The storedproc returns a simple "Select * from Customers"

The method below connects to the service and its suppose to return a

When i first ran it i got an error :- "Cannot cast Type Dataset to Object"

So i found a solution using this
which apparently its a bug.

So i looked into my webservice "reference.cs" file and changed my spCustomer
method to

public System.Data.DataSet spCustomers() {
object[] results = this.Invoke("spCustomers", new object[0]);
return ((System.Data.DataSet)(results[0]));
and the error disspeared.

public void getXmlWebserivceData()

TestWebService.devpc1.soap mysoapservice = new devpc1.soap();
mysoapservice.Credentials =

ds = (DataSet)mysoapservice.spCustomers();
DataGrid1.DataSource = ds;


The thing is if i configure SqlXml to return a single Dataset using
storedproc. it works fine but i have another template that executes a
storedproc but returns XML
I keep getting error

"For non-array types, you may use the following attributes: XmlAttribute,
XmlText, XmlElement, or XmlAnyElement. "

Any ideas?

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