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.Net client times out but SOAP toolkit client does not
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I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me ideas on how to
further investigate a problem that is affecting a customer.

My application connects to a web service through a proxy server and via
the internet. On upgrading to a new version, we found that the
application could no longer talk to the web service.
The old web service client was written with the SOAP toolkit and works
OK, the new version uses .Net.
The person monitoring the web service could see the request coming in
from the client, but the client itself times out. I tried to increase
the timeout to 3 minutes, to no avail.

I tried the application to go through the SOAP trace tool, but I had no
luck with this either, the app does not connect to the trace tool.

Other things I verified:
- The application uses the default proxy settings for the user it runs
- I personally tested that I can call the web service via IE when I am
logged on as that user on the client machine;
- When performing the same operation from IE, I receive an
instantaneous response;
- The server framework build is the same as on my dev machine, i.e.
- I made sure that the SOAP toolkit app still works in the same

The web service client is written in c# and built on VS .Net 2003.


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